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Designer Fashion Accessories That Serve Multiple Purposes


When people think about fashion, many of them fail to think about multiple uses of their accessories. For instance, some jackets or coats are only to be used in a single season of the year. Now, it’s definitely necessary to have a heavy jacket for certain seasons (hello Neiman Marcus), but other accessories do not all need to be used in just one season or for just one reason.

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful designer accessories that allow for multiple uses and can be used in a variety of climates, areas, and with multiple outfits.

Designer Umbrellas

Probably one of the easier accessories to use with multiple outfits and in multiple seasons. While most designer umbrellas are fashionable, some designs lock you into using the parasol with a single outfit or only a select few outfits. When you find the best designer umbrella, it should be able to be used with a variety of outfits and in different seasons. Some sun parasols, aside from providing sun protection, also offer a cute or chic design and can be used all season long (barring snow) as a cute and fun accessory when you head out on the town.

The BRELLI is a wonderful sun umbrella that fits the guidelines outlined above. Not only is it useful and cute, it can be used with many outfits and in multiple seasons. Plus, they have a variety of collections to choose from so you can find the best sun parasol for you and your needs.

Chic Purses

Much like an umbrella, you probably need a purse as well. Why not carry something that is cute, functional, and you can use more than once a year?!

One of our favorite companies for these is Nordstrom. They have an awesome selection and their designs are all super cute. If you need a bag or purse to go with your outfit, you should definitely check them out.

What About Prices?

As you probably already know, shopping for designer or fashion accessories and items is going to be more expensive than if you shop for non-designer items. That goes without saying. However, just because you want a designer look, doesn’t mean you have to pay a ridiculous designer price for everything you want.

Be sure to shop around a little and barter if you can as well. Many designer items are handcrafted and marked up for the time and the ideas or designs. If you are at a small market and someone is selling designer or handmade items, have a conversation with them. You may be able to negotiate and save a little money while still making them happy with your final price.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you. Do you like your look? Do you like your accessories? If not, do something about it! Do some additional research and see what types of things work well for you and your body. Find things you feel comfortable with and that you can use for many seasons in the year.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it), you will probably be shopping for the same stuff this time next year!